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Read your contract data each time you sign with a clearsign-plugin for Ledger PSD's

a close up of a coin on a table
a close up of a coin on a table
First of all

Crypto's Greatest Weakness? Blind Signing

Blind signing is a trick leveraged by scammers to steal your assets.

A blind signature is a type of wallet signature that allows users to approve a smart contract to interact with their wallet, without knowing the contract’s full details.

Its like signing a loan agreement BLINDFOLDED and all stems from smart contracts that MANAGES YOUR MONEY used by present day dApps.

If you've already interacted with any smart contract using a Ledger Personal Security Device, then you've already seen this screen:

Not only is this a UX disaster, the user has no guarantee of interacting with the right smart contract, nor of signing the correct data. The only user action is literally to blind-sign the transaction.

ClearSign's technology provides clear signing for every integrated dApp, eliminating the vulnerability faced by users and ensuring the most secure and fluid experience possible.

Not to mention

Verify - Don't Trust

Scams involving blind signing usually include a degree of social engineering. Scammers specialize in meticulously creating an environment where you trust them enough to let your guard down.

This type of scam is becoming all the more common because the sheer pace of evolution has made blind signing an industry norm.

At ClearSign, our mission is to bring absolute transparency and security to every one of your transactions – that means being able to read your contract data each time you sign.

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clear glass bottle with water

Say Goodbye to Blind Signing

ClearSign is dedicated to revolutionizing the way digital transactions are conducted.

We work with dApp project teams to create a specific clearsign-plugin for the project that runs on Ledger's Nano S, SP, X and Stax hardware wallets.

Lets work together and make blind signing a thing of the past. Join us in embracing the future of signing with our secure and transparent technology.

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turned on gray laptop computer
Say hello to ClearSign plugins

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What is Blind Signing?

The School of Block from Ledger explains blind signing, What exactly is it? How do you know when a SCAM may be lurking? When should you BLIND SIGN and when should you EXERCISE CAUTION?

Meet our Clients

Venus is the #1 Decentralized Money Market on BnbChain where users can Lend, Borrow and Earn, with over 1 billion USD total value locked at the time of writing.

ClearSign Technology developed a clearsign-plugin that runs on Ledger PSD's to cover 30+ selectors from 10+ smart contracts and includes support for over 26 venus specific vTokens contracts and deposit vaults.

Venus Protocol

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ClearSign: Bringing Transparency and Security to Your Digital Transactions

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